5 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Kitchen remodeling is at the top of many homeowner’s wish list. Almost everyone wants a new and beautiful kitchen. However, people don’t realize the amount of work involved in this and also the inconvenience they might have to go through if they start a big remodeling project. A big remodel can take up a long time, several weeks or months. During this time, you won’t have proper access to your kitchen and have to make alternative arrangement in your home.

Note that many people end up dissatisfied with the remodeling work. This can happen due to several reasons like hiring incompetent contractors, having unrealistic and very high expectations, falling short of budget etc. So, it is important that you hire competent contractors, discuss with them to develop a sound remodeling plan according to your budget and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome as well as the time it may take for the whole project to reach completion.

1. Think carefully about how long the project Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles will take. Most jobs will take much longer than expected. Your contractor might give you rough estimate, be sure to add more days to it. If you don’t have realistic expectation about completion time, it can cause frustration later on and will also cause lot of inconvenience. When you have proper expectation about how long the work will take, the next thing is to set up a temporary kitchen in another part of your house. Make sure you choose a convenient location with access to water and sufficient space.

2. Have realistic expectations of the total cost that you might incur. Many times, the contractors will not reveal full expenses when you discuss with them. Later on, you may incur many additional and unexpected charges. For this reason, get a quote from more than 1 remodeling contractor. Then you can compare and arrive at a fair estimate. Statistics show that a minor kitchen remodel might cost anywhere around $21,000 while a medium to major remodel may cost more than $50,000.

3. You have to be very careful in selecting the right contractor for the job. A good starting point is to ask references from your friends who have recently done a remodeling of their own kitchen. You can also do a search online to find professional re-modelers. If possible, ask the contractors to provide you with references of clients for whom they have done remodeling work and get feedback from these clients.