Real Estate Housing Permits Taking Off in 2010 – Home Buyers Hitting the Streets 

Building Permit

Getting your building permit can be a quick and easy process or as long and hard as you make it. All building departments have a prepared list showing the items required for submittal for a permit. A toilet replacement is simple, a new house is more complicated but. If you follow directions and submit all the documents the first time, you will see how easy it can be.

I hear all the time, “Oh, I thought you didn’t need that”. Is it on the list? “Well yeah but”. DUH!!!!! You just moved your application to the bottom of the pile. Our jurisdiction is required to reply within 10 days after submittal. If the application is checked right at submission and is missing documents, it is handed right back and left date unstamped. If however it is submiited by mail or when no one was there to pre-check it, at 10 days it is rejected if paperwork is not submitted.

When you do finally bring in a complete application permis de construire maison the 10 day period starts all over again. You don’t get “time credit” because you brought in an incomplete application. I get pool applications with no pool information, shed applications without any drawings, site plans are missing completely ( I’m supposed to guess where it is going on your property?). In other words, these are incomplete applications. You can always ask if your unsure about the process, the fees, the drawings, etc. and someone will always help you.

The ones that bring in a complete application (not OH, you wanted ALL the spaces filled in?) get their permits quickly. The ones missing 1/2 the information always complain about how hard it is or how long it took. Guess why? If you take your time and do a good job in preparing your paperwork the Building Inspector will see that. Messy paperwork, missing documents, etc. are just an invitation to getting your permit application rejected.