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If you want to have the contemporary look of stone, concrete, granite or wood within your budget go for faux stone. Faux stone backsplash bring beauty of wood, stone, brick and metal to your kitchen.

So what exactly is faux stone?

It is a high density molded polymer to brick backsplash create looks of stone, bricks etc. If your budget is tight and you still want to get the rural country look or toughness of stone then faux stone backsplash is just right for you.

The benefits of faux stone are numerous.

  • They are durable and do not crack, wrap, fade or rot with weather.
  • Installation cost is very minimum. There is no need to hire masons or contractors.
  • It is impervious to insect attack, moisture and environmental sound.
  • Labor costs are also minimum as there is no heavy lifting involved like stones or granite.
  • It is do-it-yourself stuff. You can laser cut, saw, drill and glue with simple tools. You can just use adhesive and screws to fit it.
  • You can also screw signs, pictures or paints on faux stone.
  • If you drill or screw wrongly you will have no problems. There will not be any cracks in faux stone.

Besides that they come in variety of designs. There is the hand-made look, the granite look, sun-bleached look, charcoal look etc. It also mimics design of asphalt, concrete etc. No mixing, drying or sloppy mess involved as seen with asphalt or concrete.

Some tips on using faux stone backsplashes

  • Use a mild soap to cleanse it rather than harsh detergents.
  • For additional information check out the installation guidelines at ask the builder or howstuffworks site.
  • When repainting faux stone use water-based acrylic paint. You also have faux painting information available at various sites like, etc

From rural country side look to an English country look faux stones seamlessly blend everywhere. With faux stone backsplashes you get the toughness of stone with a light weight polymer.