Schools of Massage – Things to Consider When Choosing a School For Massage Therapy

We want to highlight one of the best manufacturers of massage chairs today. Omega massage chairs have made their prominent impact on the market. This is one of the few firms that combines a focus on strong massage therapy and well designed recliners. Omega massage chairs have consistently turned out attractive designs while backing it up with effective massage therapy.

It seems that very few massage lounger manufacturers 출장 get these two elements correct. Most massage recliners, quite frankly look like Orwellian electric chairs. There seems to be no design sense at all and most are relegated to an extra room or the garage. Which is just a plain shame.

This company has consistently brought out massaging chairs that have broken the mold for how massage recliners look. They have these attractive wood accents and beautifully upholstered side panels sporting attractive designs.

Even famous manufacturers such as Panasonic and Sanyo turnout massage loungers that look very industrial. Although they may contain some advanced technology, the designs are lacking in taste. Do any of these companies look at their designs?

We clearly understand that massage recliners are being bought for their effective massage therapy. However, some sense needs to be applied when designing these chairs. After all, they need to be placed somewhere.

As far as the massage therapy, Omega has some of the best and most effective chairs on the market today. They are known for their deeper penetration as well as their wide range of therapeutic features.

We are especially fond of the montage elite and the montage premier massage chairs. These are the most complete therapeutic massage recliners available today. They have a wide range of massage treatments and also have number of other complementary therapies.

Both the montage elite and the montage premier are high-end luxury massage loungers. They both have five automatic massage programs, four manual massage techniques and six manual massage courses. You also get a wide variety of manual settings allowing you to have hundreds of variations of massage.

They also incorporate other therapeutic options such as stretching. The lower body stretching of both the montage elite and montage premier is very relieving for the legs and hips. It is quite wonderful to have your lower body stretch during the course of the massage.

One of the elements of massage is relaxation. In order for you to effectively relax, your mind needs to be calm and quiet. Omega incorporates music players with headphones in order to induce relaxation.

It is somewhat shocking that both Sanyo and Panasonic do not incorporate music into their massaging chairs. Both of these companies are known for their audio and video expertise. Yet both are lacking these elements in their chairs.

Another therapeutic option you find in the Omega massage chairs is heat therapy. They incorporate full body heat with individual controls. Heat is a great way to reduce swelling while enhancing blood flow. It is extensively used in sports medicine for athletes.

We find that their massage chair line has the most complete therapeutic set of features. They do not incorporate gimmicky items which do not add value to your overall massage experience. There are a wide range of massage recliners but only a handful of manufacturers that are worth your time and money.