The 3 Components of a Google Local Search Results Page

If you recognize the value of social media marketing and social networking for your business, you are about to witness a business marketing explosion. Google+ is a comprehensive platform of business promotional tools that integrates the most used search engine globally with Google Maps, Google Reviews, current content streaming and more, vastly exceeding any other package of tools available today. Google+ is truly so much more than just another social networking site.

For those skeptics who thought Google+ was purchase google reviews dead on arrival, think again. Rather than exploding on the internet scene like some other social networking or bookmarking sites, Google+ has been busy building a sophisticated infrastructure and foundation for advanced business marketing in the digital world. By using Google Analytics with social reports, Google even provides mechanisms for accountability and continuous feedback that helps business owners and internet marketing consultants tweak online efforts to maximize customer conversions.

And Google+ is created by, well… Google, by far the leading search engine on the planet with an estimated 3 billion weekly searches worldwide, according to search engine trends by Experian. And we know that Google loves all things Google including YouTube, Blogger, Google AdWords, Gmail, and Google Analytics. Therefore, it follows that Google plans to stay the top search engine in the world by surpassing the capabilities of all potential rivals through one coordinated package of services. They have even transformed Google Reviews to make them more transparent so they are more reliable, offering business owners the opportunity to respond to good and bad reviews alike.

As the leading search engine, Google provides businesses with an unrivaled opportunity for expanding your customer base and revenue by placing your website right in front of clients wherever they are. With the exception of having a customer at your cash register, there is no better customer than one who is seeking a product or service that you have to offer online. A searching customer is already in the mode to buy or they would not be spending time searching for a business that offers what they want. Google+ places your business right in front of potential customers if you have three things in place: a Google+ Business Page, links on the internet pointing to your website and building its strength, and a website of sufficiently high quality to engage the customer.

Not everyone has bought into Google+ yet which gives you a distinct advantage as a business owner to get in while the competition is still relatively low. By the time the rest of the world gets on board, you will have well-established connections, a large audience, and the knowledge and system in place of what it takes to stay at the top of Google queries.