The accident of transformer explosion in Thailand

          Transformers are electric devices that use the concept of electromagnetic energy to transfer energy from one electrical circuit to another. It is often used to connect high voltage and low voltage systems. Transformers of high quality have the features of lowering electric power loss caused by device failure, reducing device maintenance, and reducing power consumption and the cost of energy bills.

A transformer exploded in Sampeng in Bangkok, Thailand, according to the news. However, before entering Thailand, you should know that all transformers have the potential to explode since they contain oil that may be ignited. There are certain warning signs to look for before an explosion.

           Transformers can be installed on the ground, on a pole, or on a scaffold. The kind that is commonly found in residential homes is one that hangs at a safe distance from the pole.

●       The dangerous of transformers explosion

High voltage should be avoided if there is a leak during a rain or storm. A lightning strike on a high-voltage wire might cause the voltage to flow to the transformer, causing sparks and perhaps a fire. Despite the fact that the transformer includes a lightning protection device due to the strong wind and low power. However, be careful since if there is a leak, the electric shock might be fatal in the case that the transformer explodes. This is caused by a cooling system malfunction or short circuit. The incidence rate is low, but if it occurs, it can have a bad impact on both your life and your property.

●       How to prevent the transformer explosions

There were several loss prevention methods in place prior to the transformer explosion, including the following:

  1. If there is a sloppy communication line, it should be removed since it might cause the fire to spread into the building and to neighboring places.
  2. Avoid buying a flat house with a transformer in front of it or next to it in close proximity.
  3. Prepare a large number of fire extinguishers.
  4. Do not park under the transformer since it is easy to cause vehicle fire and burn up.
  5. If you find the transformer smoking, you must return and yell for everyone to leave.
  6. Purchase a Thermo Gun to take frequent temperature readings. Be prepared if the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius. and notify the personnel that it must be repaired immediately

           hese are the hazards of transformer explosions, as well as six actions to prevent loss that you must be cautious of and completely adhere to. If you see any abnormalities with the transformers, you should immediately notify the Provincial Electricity Authority, or PEA by calling 1129. However, if you want to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time, I strongly advise you to acquire Rabbit Care expat health insurance in Thailand, since there are numerous covers and advantages available, such as room and board expenses and hospital expenditures if you are admitted to the hospital. Medical expenditures would be covered if you became disability or had bodily injuries caused by the transformers explosion. Interestingly, many insurance partners available, such as AXA, LMG insurance, Cigna, and others allow you to compare coverage and sum covered.