The Passion of the Christ – A Lesson in Emotion

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Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was undeniably the most powerful movie of 2004. It shows the last few moments of Jesus’, life in all of its gruesome detail. Everything from the Agony in the Garden to the Scourging at the Pillar to Jesus being nailed to the cross was included in this detailed film. Although this movie may not be suitable for the young, the old, the pregnant, or anyone with a heart condition, it is an exceptional movie that definitely accomplishes Mel Gibson’s goal of showing the world exactly how much Jesus suffered to save us from sin, allowing us to enter into God’s kingdom.

The Passion of the Christ is a thought provoking movie. It captures the attention of anyone watching it, and it enthralls them because of its power to make people feel. The movie makes the audience feel sorrow, gratefulness, pity, anger, fear, and a host of other emotions. For example, the presence of Mary throughout the entire film gives the audience a sense of sympathy for a mother that watches her son be tortured undeservingly, while the scenes of Jesus being tortured invoke a sense of disbelief and fear. the mystical teachings of jesus Moments like these make it impossible for a person watching The Passion to not feel anything. While watching the film, the audience hated the Jewish leaders for being so ignorant and cruel. They hated Pilate for being irresolute, but at the same time, they can appreciate the stress of his position. They feel the sorrow of the women that watch Jesus carry his cross. The audience feels Jesus’ pain as the Roman soldiers flip the cross over in order to flatten the backs of the nails. Everyone jumped a little bit when Jesus died and the devil let forth a blood curdling scream. The film does a stellar job of making the audience feel the intenseness of the Passion story.