The Real Desire for the UK House Buye

Location location location, central heating, air conditioning, double glazing, good neighbours,good schools and a long lease these are just some of the factors that buyers consider when buying a property. So it was some surprise when we learnt that that new UK research (Jan 05) commissioned by the Homebuyer Show revealed something completely different.  sell my house fast houston

The survey reports that 72 per cent of home buyers say good security is rated as being more important when making a buying decision than a home overall condition and size.

Home buyers also ranked security above other key house buying factors such as the quality of the neighbourhood and local facilities.

Less important when deciding on a property is the state of the interior decor, 51 per cent regarded this as irrelevant.

One in three buyers are unconcerned by the provision of lack schools and a similar amount were indifferent of the size and state of a property’s garden.

Security Security Security

The study also looked at the improvements and gadgets which security again topped the list again with homebuyers regarding a state of the art security system as being more desirable than kitchen gadgets and plush designer furnishings.

Nick Clark managing director of Homebuyer Events said “Home Security has been moving up the homebuyers agenda for a number of years but it has now become one of the main priorities.”