What is the relatively better failure of thermal conductive oil electric heater?

The cause of the thermal electric electric heater during the production operation process includes: the heat transfer oil is not good quality, the heat transfer oil leakage, the heat transfer oil system is too high, and the heat transfer oil flow is too low, and the power outage is lowered. Improper treatment, these four aspects accounted for more than 70% of the fault rate, today’s focus on these four major fault phenomena. First, the thermal oil quality is not good The quality of the thermal oil is inherently in the following aspects, first, heat transfer oils are caused during storage or adsorption of moisture in the air. When the heat transfer oil mixed with moisture is heated to 100 ° C, it is easy to cause the boiling oil to overflow, causing a fire or explosion. Secondly, the residual carbon exceeds the standard, during heating operation, the thermally conductive medium will occur at high temperatures, and a certain amount of gliopolymer is generated, while partially overheating media will also be generated. These high polymers and residual charcoal are suspended in the oil in the oil, and these materials are deposited in the bottom of the pot while depositing the tube wall and overheating the tube. Therefore, regularly analyzing the quality of the heat transfer oil, timely managing the quality change of oil, analyzes the cause of change, replenishes the amount of new thermal oil regularly, so that the amount of residual carbon is basically stable, the heat transfer oil in the boiler must be pre-dehydrated, discovered problems, The corresponding measures should be taken in time. Second, the heat transfer oil system export temperature is too high, and there is too low in the flow rate of the heat transfer oil. Sometimes the temperature of the heating machine is not met due to high oil temperature, and does not meet the production needs. Some units take the way to improve the temperature of the exit temperature. As a result, the outlet temperature is close to even exceeds the maximum allowable use temperature of the heat carrier, thus adding the focus, fouling, and the heat transfer efficiency of the heat sink using the heat machine. Vicious circulation until the cosaged blast. In addition, the low flow rate can cause most or topical inner wall temperatures in the heat-inspiration surface to allow the oil film temperature, and shorten the normal life of the heat transfer oil, resulting in overheating to cause drum bag and explosion tubes. Therefore, the highest outlet oil temperature of the boiler should be about 30 degrees Celsius than the working temperature of the heat carrier to prevent oil from being overheated during use during use. In operation, the heat conducting oil flow rate in the radiant surface of the radiation is not less than 2m / s, and the flow is not less than 1.5 m / s inside the heat pipe to prevent the production of residual charcoal, blockage the diameter, causing the tube wall overheating. Third, the heat transfer oil leakage causes fire If there is a problem in the welding portion of the heat transfer oil electric heater, the heat transfer portion of the heat transfer portion is detached or over temperature, causing the pipe vibration or even damage to a lot of heat transfer. Oil leakage, and the heat transfer oil is stronger, especially the flange gasket is more serious, and the fire is often occurred after leakage. Therefore, when installing, the qualified installation company is installed, the pipe connection is good, appropriately supplemented with the flange connection, should not use the screw connection, the flange should be sealed, with oil-resistant, small space heater withstand, high temperature high temperature graphite products Sealed gasket. All attachments that are in contact with the heat carrier shall not be used in colored metals andCast iron manufacturing. The steel pipe should adopt 20 # steel seamless tubes, and the connecting bolts on the fasteners, especially the main circuits, are more appropriate to use the No. 35 steel drum. Before the boiler ignition, you should be a pressure-resistant test for all pipes, valves, etc., until it does not leak, and the heat transfer oil should not be less than one hour in the system line. After careful examination, Can be turned on. Four Rising, if the oil temperature rise is too fast, it will focus on the oil temperature in a short period of time, resulting in a fire over hot tube. Therefore, encountering a fault such as a power failure, it should open all the furnace door, immediately eliminate the remaining coal in the furnace, let a large amount of cold winds into the furnace, quickly reduce the furnace temperature, eliminate the heat source; to open the boiler oil oil supply valve, will be high temperature oil The oil tank is placed and the cold oil in the expanded oil tank is slowly flowing into the boiler, and the heat is taken in time. Conditional units can set a two-way power supply, such as setting a small gasoline generator, the circuit and the circulating oil pump circuit are switched to prevent the oil temperature in a short time after power failure, and prevent unnecessary due to power failure. Accident occurred.